How To Manipulate A Woman’s Mind

They start fights, exert psychological pressure, manipulate, and blackmail. No, it’s not gangsters, but our girlfriends. Women will give us a head start in manipulation and tricks, but this doesn’t mean that we are defenseless. How to use psychological methods when communicating with girls and to come out a winner in a moral battle? How to manipulate women? Here are several tricks for manipulating girls from ukrainian dating site

Admit how you feel about her

Why do men manipulate women? Most of them need the one – sex. The phrase “I love you” means the following: “It’s time to have sex!” So, this is the most common method of manipulating girls. This method can be used in the situation when a girl wants to date for a long time and then reward with sex. You definitely don’t like this. What to do in this situation? In the early stages of a relationship, admit how you feel about her. This will cloud her mind and you will get what you want. If a girl is offended or capricious, then confess your love. This will prevent a quarrel or a conflict. In addition, on the wave of “overwhelming feelings”, you can immediately start making love with a girl.

Try to change a subject of a conversation

In any relationship, there are often conflicts and quarrels. But it is your fault. You have no arguments and excuses. Or maybe you’re just tired of arguing? Try to change a subject of a conversation into another topic. Do it instantly and at ease. A girl will face a dilemma. She can return to a quarrel, but she will look like a nervous brawler and a hysterical woman. And you may turn out to be a noble gentleman, although you were to blame for the cause of the conflict.

Recognize her individuality

Compliments are the best weapon and manipulation against girls. Use the language of compliments and flattery to lull her. “You understand me”, “You’re so special”, “You’re incredible”, “You’re so passionate”. A girl will want to be the only one for you and prove her “uniqueness”. Let a girl feel that she is the only one in the world. Your girlfriend is unusual, unique, and special. After such an attitude, a girl thinks that she has a man who finally appreciates her. Girls fall in love with men who say compliments. Praise her as much as possible and then she will take her clothes off very quickly.  Girls are very easily manipulated if you act more cleverly. And you thus get a devoted girlfriend and sex. This is how to manipulate a woman with low self-esteem.

Make her feel a very great sense of duty

A beautiful date and a romantic evening can be easily finished in bed if you properly impact on a girl. Make her feel romance and tenderness. You should be noble and pleasant. Give a small present. Drink alcohol, be kind, gallant, and merry. After a date, invite her to your home. A girl will feel uncomfortable to refuse and not thank a man.

End a conflict and defeat a girl

There is no desire to argue. You guilty and there are no arguments against. A girl wants to solve a conflict, find a guilty and make you act as she wants? End this stupid conversation and start talking about something else. Once again, if a girl tries to get back to a conflict, she will look hysterical. Keep silence and ignore these attacks. A girl (who is even right) looks like an aggressor and you are a victim. Although they say that it is impossible to win in a dispute with girls, you know how to do it!

Impose thoughts on a girl

How to manipulate a woman to love you? Very easy! Say to her: “You want to kiss me”, “You think I’m charming”, “You like me”, make a girl believe in the words you say. “We are so close”, “I love you”, “We are well together”, etc. These phrases will make a path to her bed very close.

Updated: June 11, 2018 — 6:34 pm

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